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High performance Diodes including Schottky, PIN Limiters, SRD, Tuning Varactors and Point Contact. RF Microwave Hybrid and SMT Assembly, PCB, box build, module repair, test services & manufacturing supplies for successful production of RF/Microwave hybrids and components.


Contract Manufacturing with rapid prototype/NPI capabilities (1-5 days), assemblies for hi-rel applications including Space. High-mix PCBA manufacturing incorporating IMA, MCM, & SiP.


Microwave/mmWave RF MMIC devices and foundry services. GaAs and GaN MMIC LNAs, MPAs, and HPAs.

Cubic to Acquire Nuvotronics to Strengthen Protected Communications Offering

Cubic Nuvotronics
Nuvotronics revolutionary PolyStrata® architecture provides an unprecedented platform for mmWave performance, integration, and miniaturization. Products include switch filter banks, power dividers, filters, baluns, diplexders, multiplexers, and MCMs.


Networks Intl. Corporation
Custom RF filters: lumped element, lumped component, cavity, ceramic, crystal, and thin-film. Multiplexers, diplexers, and high frequency switch filter banks.

Frequency Electronics, Inc.

Frequency Electronics, Inc.
Hi-rel OCXO products for low-G sensitivity applications, CRO and DRO products, and rubidium atomic clocks for PNT and secure communication/SATCOM.


Duplexers, RF SAW filters, IF SAW filters to 3 GHz.


Norden Group
RF/Microwave Amplifiers, Frequency Converters, and Integrated Microwave Assemblies 10MHz to 110GHz.

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Chupond America, Inc.
High-density board-to-board interconnects, temperatures up to 200 deg C, stack heights down to 1.0mm with signal speeds up to 40 GHz, Pin densities to 0.30mm pitch.

BC power systems

BC Power Systems
Custom military power supplies, power control products, EMI filter products and integrated power systems.

CMI Technical Sales, Inc

Environmental Stress Systems
Thermal Test Platforms, Cascade Condensing Units,Space Simulation Thermal Vacuum Chambers, Metal Cold Treating, Bio-Pharma Systems, and Liquid Recirculating Chillers.


Synthesizers, frequency multipliers, up/down-converters, and VCOs with low PTD. RFE also does build-to-spec mmWave integrated modules and mmWave design services.


ECS, Inc.
Frequency control crystal & oscillators solutions including; MultiVoltTM oscillators, 32.768KHz tuning forks, AEC-Q200 qualified timing product, VCXO / TCXO / OCXO oscillators, power inductors, real time clocks and more.

flann microwave

Flann Microwave
Precision microwave and mmWave passive waveguide components, sub assemblies, calibration kits, and instrumentation to 500 GHz.


Attenuators, RF switches, power dividers, test accessories, and automated test systems including limited and full fan- out transceiver test systems and switch matrices.


Kyocera AVX RF Solutions
Multilayer and single layer ceramic capacitors, resistors (including high power), inductors, and power capacitor assemblies. Thin-film ceramic substrates and custom hybrid circuits.


MicroWave Technology, Inc.
GaAs and GaN MMIC power amplifiers to 40 GHz, low-noise pHEMT devices, hybrid modules, and connectorized power amplifiers.

rebaussabce x hxi

Renaissance Electronics & HXI
Ferrite isolators and circulators, millimeter wave active components and modules including: HPAs, LNAs, mixers,\ up/down-converters, and high frequency radio products to 86 GHz.


Microwave/mmWave RF MMIC devices and foundry services. GaAs and GaN MMIC LNAs, MPAs, and HPAs.

CMI Technical Sales, Inc

RF MMICs including switches, PLLs, Digital Step Attenuators, Mixers, Pre-scalers, and digital tuning technology products.

CMI Technical Sales, Inc

Teledyne e2v
Broadband data Converters, P-semi Hi-Rel Products, GaN Systems Power Transistors, InP Foundry Services, ApiSys integrated Solutions Products, Hi-Rel Microprocessors and Hi-Rel/High Speed CMOS Static RAM.

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