Our Product Line Card

The following list represents an electronic version of our company line card. By clicking on the manufacturers logo you will be taken directly to that companies website.

Principals Represented

CMI Technical Sales, Inc

3D GLASS SOLUTIONS (3DGS): Glass Enabled Components and Systems Integration for RF, Microwave, Thermal Management and Optical applications. This includes RF Filters, Antennas, Discrete LC Components, Matching Networks etc.

CTS CORP: Frequency Control Products – OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, SMD Clocks, Hi-Rel XO and other Crystal Components.

CTS CORP: Ceramic RF Filters, EMI/RFI Filters, Resistive/Capacitive Networks, Waveguide Components, Thermal Management Components, Switches & Variable Resistors & Encoders.

ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS SYSTEMS (ESS): Thermal Platforms, Space Simulation, Cascade Condensers and Liquid Recirculating Chillers.

HIGH SPEED INTERCONNECT (HSI): High Speed Interconnect – DC-60 GHz Micro Coaxial Cable Assemblies – Discrete Bundled and Ribbonized Multi-conductor. DC-70 GHz Coaxial Cable Assemblies – Flexible, Armored, Hand-Formable and Semi-rigid.

MICRO-MODE PRODUCTS: Superior performance coaxial connectors and hermetic components. Blindmate connectors include MMSP (SMP), MSSP (SMPM), MSSS and MM4S. Also Coaxial Adapters and Custom Cable Assemblies. MicroMode specializes in Military and Space Hi-Rel.

NORDEN GROUP: RF/Microwave Amplifiers, Frequency Converters and Integrated Microwave Assemblies 10MHz to 110GHz.

PSEMI: RF MMIC’s including Switches, PLL’s Digital Step Attenuators, Mixers, Prescalers and Digital Tuning Technology products.

RFuW ENGINEERING, LTD.: Design, develops and manufactures high power (47 to 60 dBm) hybrid assembly RF Switches and Limiter Modules. Custom designs welcome.

SEMIGEN: High performance Diodes including Schottky, PIN Limiters, SRD, Tuning Varactors and Point Contact. RF Microwave assembly, PCB, box build, module repair, test services & manufacturing supplies for successful production of RF/Microwave hybrids and components.

TELEDYNE/E2V HIREL: Broadband data Converters, Peregrine Hi-Rel Products, GaN Systems Power Transistors, ApiSys Integrated Solutions Products, Hi-Rel Microprocessors and Hi-Rel/High Speed CMOS Static RAM.

UNITED MONOLITHIC SEMICONDUCTOR: Microwave/Millimeter RF MMIC devices, GaAs and GaN foundry services.